Since December 2019 we are creating the website GayTalk. We are looking for motivated youngsters (between an age of 16 and 30 years old). The most important thing is that you want to help to make GayTalk to a sociable and safe place where you can share your stories, blogs, advice and experiences with each other.

Apart from the website we have a webchat where you can get in contact with youngsters of 30 years or younger. Our goal is to create a growing group of people who like to have fun with each other.

We would like it when you want to help us with GayTalk! If so, contact us by mail or join our administrator group at Kik.

Currently we are looking for people to help us with the following functions:

  • Creators

    To spread and renew GayTalk we are looking for creative people to help us. Are you creative? Share your ideas with GayTalk!

  • Bloggers

    For the GayTalk blogpage we are looking for people who like to write articles. Do you like to write articles? Become on of the GayTalk bloggers!

  • Vloggers

    For the GayTalk Youtubechannel we are looking for enthusiastic vloggers. Are you creative, enthusiast and do you like to vlog? Become on of our GayTalk vloggers!

  • Forumadmins

    For the GayTalk forum we are looking for forumadmins. Are you active and sociable? Become on of the GayTalk forumadmins!

  • Groupadmins

    With a grewing amount of already over 25 GayTalk groups on Kik and Telegram we are looking for groupadmins. Are you active, motivated but above all sociable? Become on of the GayTalk groupadmins!

  • Translators

    To make GayTalk a place for everyone we would like to translate our website to various languages. Are you good in translating? Help us with translating our website!

  • SEO writers

    To make our website better searchable we are looking for SEO writers. Are you familiar with SEO writing? Help GayTalk with becoming better searchable!

  • Socialmedia maintainers

    For our social media pages we are looking for people who would like to post messages here. Are you creative and active? Become on of out GayTalk socialmedia maintainers.