Welcome at GayTalk! We started GayTalk as a platform which is between the already known media. On one side are the official chanels with news, backgrounds and profiles. On the other side are the well known datingsites.

We haven’t seen a platform like this. The website GayTalk is related to several sociable groups at Kik and Telegram. These groups are focusd on youngsters who like to get in touch with each other and talk with each other. The groups are really sociable and a place to make friends or even more than just friends. With this website we want to expand the platform. Also we want to introduce other people to our groups with the website.

Apart from that we want to use this website as a space to tell your personal stories about things you like but also about things which. You can also tell us about your experiences or give advice to others.

We hope that you can find a place here on the webiste or in on of our groups where you are comfortable and where you can be yourself.