On Telegram we have also a group called, Gaymeroom! This is the place where we can play the games with users of GayTalk different games. Inside Telegram there a lot of bot what we can adding in the group, but also outside it it also possible to play diverent multiplay games with other people. 

For now we have no Gaymeroom at KIK, because then we can only play games with phones or tablet and with Telegram you can also use the laptop or pc to contact with the group.


PC Games

Red Alert

This is one of the olders games that i know thats working also on Windows 10, without problems. The game is now online for free from cncnet.org about conquering land, destroying the enemy (s). The important thing in this game is that you have to be strategic.

Track Mania Forever

A free game worth playing, in TrackMania Nations Forever you drive at incredible speeds on fun and spectacular courses, alone or with others.


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Grand Theft Auto V Online



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Mobile Legends

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